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EduvateRI brings together education, research, philanthropic, government and commercial partners to surface and solve persistent problems in education collectively; develop and test effective education tools and technologies; and nurture breakthrough, authentic learning practices. Through organized, integrated, and coordinated efforts, the EduvateRI cluster seeks to close opportunity gaps for students, improve the national competitiveness of Rhode Island, and drive economic growth through new and existing education-related business.

EduvateRI helps Rhode Island set the bar for education innovation nationally, acting as a model for other clusters and as a research and design hub for education innovation broadly.


EduvateRI Consultancy Protocol with 360 High School: March 29, 4:00PM-5:30PM

Where? // Highlander Institute, 166 Valley Street, Providence, RI 02908

We know the power of crowd-sourcing solutions: Different perspectives lead to different solutions and ideas. Even simply stating your problems of practice out loud allows you to see them in new lights.

Consultancy Protocols through EduvateRI are designed to support our local schools and districts engage a diverse community of education stakeholders to ID the best possible solutions to some of their most complex or pressing issues.

This session will dig into a problem of practice surfaced at 360 High School in Providence; we encourage all perspectives in the education ecosystem to join, share your ideas in support of 360 HS, and gain some new ideas of your own. There is no pre-work to participate and, as always with EduvateRI, food will be provided.

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