RI Personalized Learning Initiative White Paper & Resource Bank

Through the RI Personalized Learning Initiative RIDE, the Rhode Island Office of Innovation, NE Basecamp by RIMA, and the Highlander Institute drafted a white paper in September 2016. After forty community, individual, and organizational feedback sessions, we released a revised version in February 2017.

This paper describes what we mean (and don’t mean) by personalized learning and offers an initial blueprint for how stakeholders at every level including students and parents, educators and administrators, and state leaders can support a movement toward increased personalization for students.

We encourage you to read the paper as well as peruse the related resources featured here--including the case studies from Rhode Island schools.

If you would like to sign on to the paper, either as an individual or through your organization, please add your name below.

We see this paper as an iterative effort and plan to reconvene stakeholders and to update the paper as needed in August 2017.

Step 1: Read the Paper

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Step 3: Sign On to the Paper

Add yourself or your organization to the list of entities in Rhode Island that are supporting personalized learning--and let us know how you are engaging or supporting students in PL!