Personalized Learning Platforms

This matrix highlights personalized learning platforms vetted by the RI Personalized Learning Initiative.  School leaders can use this matrix to get an initial understanding of tools’ capabilities and requirements, before diving deeper into one or more platforms by scheduling a demo.

All personalized learning platforms shared in this matrix have a core set of features that allow for schools to implement the elements of personalized learning we describe in this white paper (View Whitepaper).  Specifically, all tools include:

  • Administrator control over user privacy and permissions
  • Learner profiles that include key student information
  • Access to learning activities that are aligned to standards and are meant to be used to introduce material or practice it.
  • Ability to combine learning objects into playlists to be assigned to and completed by students  
  • Ability to administer formative assessments for students to demonstrate mastery over learning objectives
  • Student view of activity progress and mastery
  • Educator view of mastery data and course progress for reflection, regrouping, and further instructional next steps
  • Administrator view of mastery data and course progress across school building(s)
  • Teacher and student initiated messaging
  • Internal gradebooks for mastery-based grading and ability to push student data and grades to external student information systems

The information on cost and supports included below are guaranteed for schools onboarding to a given product by Fall 2017. We welcome additional nominations for tools to include on this matrix. Nominate a tool here.