EduvateRI Digital Badging Pilot

Digital Badging Overview

Digital badges are ONLINE CREDENTIALS that students can earn to SHOW WHAT THEY KNOW. In this summer’s pilot effort, each participating organization will offer a unique set of badges that align with Rhode Island state STANDARDS. By the end of the summer, students will have a digital BACKPACK of badges, issued by the providers whose programs you engaged in.


What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is an online credential issued by an organization, such as a school district or a community group. Students can earn a badge when they complete a summer program. For example, if an organization offers an Environmental Learning experience, students can earn a badge in that category upon completion. Then, they will be able to share a portfolio of their earned badges with their schools.

Do I qualify for the digital badging program?

Students in elementary, middle, and high school are eligible to obtain digital badges through summer programming.

How can I earn a digital badge?

Once students sign up for an activity, they can access their account through the Richer Picture platform. From there, they will select their desired badge and update the requirements upon completion. Once they submit a portfolio and short reflection, their teachers will approve their request for a badge. Students can choose to share their badges with their schools. Middle and high school students may include their badge portfolio as part of their Individual Learning Plans for college and career readiness.

How can parents become involved in digital badging?

Parents can access the platform through the student’s log-in information. For further information regarding specific opportunities, please contact the partner organization directly.

What happens to the data?

The information is stored on a system called Richer Picture. This organization is Providence-based and has been working with students and schools for over 20 years. Richer Picture has been approved by RIDE as a “vendor partner” for Individual Learning Plans.

Initially, the badge is only visible to you (the provider) and to the student. If the student opts to share the badge information with their school, the school will have access to their portfolio. Additionally if they choose, students can print out a certificate with their badge information.

We are in compliance with appropriate federal and state privacy laws. The information that EduvateRI receives from students is kept to a minimum (e.g., name, participation in program, email). The information is not shared with any other organization. Richer Picture’s complete data privacy policy can be found here.

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