Community Partner Database & Mapping

Community and Partner Database

Education innovation is hard work–work that can’t be done solo or in a silo. We need each other. But just because innovators in education know that we need to collaborate,  work together, and leverage each others’ strengths, doesn’t mean we always do.

That’s because it’s also hard work to connect to others: It’s time-consuming to search out willing and able partners–and those efforts aren’t always fruitful.

This is where EduvateRI comes in: One of the core efforts of our education innovation cluster is to connect stakeholders from across the education innovation landscape in Rhode Island, making it easier for important efforts to flourish and for worthwhile collaborations to take hold.

Thus far, we have mostly done this in an ad hoc way. Come to a MeetUp we’re hosting or reach out via social media, and we’ll help you ID and engage with those in the space with similar interests or symbiotic skill sets. This effort has been deeply helpful for those in the field–survey results from EduvateRI members tell us so. But–if we’re being honest with ourselves–it isn’t enough. This understanding of the education ecosystem in RI cannot be solely maintained by a few.

If we want to create the strongest education innovation ecosystem possible, we’ve got to start by getting the word out there: who we all are, what we all do, and how we can all fit together.

This database of educational entities and partners is our first attempt at sharing that knowledge and mapping our ecosystem. It’s an imperfect database, but also a working one. As we learn of more organizations, get updated information, and improve our data visualizations, we’re keep this page current. You’ll know what we know.

And, of course, if you have any suggestions on how to improve this effort, process, or the content we’re featuring, please let us know.