RI Personalized Learning Initiative White Paper & Resource Bank

In 2016, Rhode Island launched a Statewide Personalized Learning Initiative--with a goal of supporting, accelerating, and expanding student-centered, relevant, and rigorous K-12 learning in the state.

This white paper is our first attempt to come together with school, community, nonprofit, and state partners to flesh out our vision of what we mean--and don't mean--by personalized learning in Rhode Island.

Forty stakeholders helped create this vision. But we knew it wasn't perfect...and that we would learn more to hone our thinking as we started and continued the work.

So we made a promise to ourselves: This would be a living document--one that we would revisit each September and revise as needed.

We encourage you to read the paper as well as peruse the related resources featured here--including the case studies from Rhode Island schools.

If you would like to sign on to the paper, either as an individual or through your organization, please add your name below.

If you have any comments or edits to the paper, we'd love to hear them here as well. Our open comment period will be live until October 31, at which time, we'll synthesize feedback and update the paper for January 1, 2018.

Step 1: Read & Comment on the Paper

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Step 2: Check Out Our Related Resources & Add Your Own

Step 3: Sign On to the Paper

Add yourself or your organization to the list of entities in Rhode Island that are supporting personalized learning--and let us know how you are engaging or supporting students in PL!