RI Education Innovation Research Network

The Education Innovation Research Network launched in March 2017, provides Rhode Island scholars and practitioners with opportunities to collaborate on meaningful, rapid-cycle action research. The network acts as a resource to address pressing education challenges locally in RI, while serving as a model for national efforts toward innovation. Research projects can span the gamut of education innovation but they always:

  1. Create deep partnerships between practitioners and researchers;

  2. Connect RI research efforts with other local and national stakeholders to better leverage the wealth of knowledge here in RI;

  3. Connect scholars from across disciplines and campuses;

  4. Are done in quick-cycle, allowing researchers to showcase findings to practitioners and others within six months of project launch.

The Education Innovation Research Network is a partnership between EduvateRI,  The College & University Research Collaborative and the Rhode Island Office of Innovation.


UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND/NE BASECAMP: Looking at a subset of eight middle school classrooms in two RI districts, this research team is looking to identify the core dispositions and attributes of successful implementation of personalized learning across various models of PL.

RHODE ISLAND COLLEGE/CENTRAL FALLS SCHOOL DISTRICT: We know that the role of the educator changes in a personalized learning environment. But so then does the role of the educator preparation program. This research investigates the ideal relationship between the mentor and mentee in an ed prep program designed to support personalized learning.

MATHEMATICA POLICY INSTITUTE/HIGHLANDER INSTITUTE: Implementing personalized learning is too often more of an art than a science. This project from Mathematica updated the RCE Coach to create a prototype tool for teachers to collect and analyze process data in real-time in their classrooms, helping them get a better understanding of the pedagogical practices that work best—and don’t work as well—for their current students.